The Annual Techno-Cultural Fest
12th to 13th March

Be tHere or be the same
12 days
0 hours
32 minutes


Spoorthi 2020

Spoorthi is the annual techno-cultural symposium conducted by the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, JNTUH CEH. Spoorthi was first started in 2004 as a technical fest and right from its inception, it has received immense response from engineering students from all over the state of Telangana owing to the position of JNTUCEH as the topmost engineering college in the state. Spoorthi offers a platform for students to compete with their peers from all over the state in a myriad of events that test their mettle and knowledge in the Electronics and communications engineering domain.

What we want to see ?

We desire a diverse convergence of innovation, creativity and intelligence; to take on problems and challenges in the fields of technology and management. We want to create a perfect environment for competition, development and learning.

Thus, we welcome all techno-management enthusiasts in this extravaganza of technology and management; and motivate them to view reality upside down.


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